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Today I’m sharing two parts to a birth story in Overland Park- the video I created for the family, and the birth story from Mom’s own words.  Her story is one of patience and faith as she waited over 10 years for a child, even helping take care of her niece and nephews with so much love as her own. Hopefully her story will bring encouragement to others who are waiting.

From Mom’s words (shared with permission):

“We waited for 10 years and there came a point where we thought it will just be the two of us till the end. Baby Zach came as a surprise because that was the first time that we never really tried or thought of having a baby. We conceived him June 2014. We knew of Baby Zach’s gender as early as 15 weeks via blood sample. I had to undergo all tests to make sure that Baby is healthy and normal.

Had one of the test came out bad, it would still be the same, I would still have Baby Zach as is. But God made sure we will have a perfectly healthy and happy Baby. That’s why we call him our miracle baby.

I’ve always loved children, actually both August and I. And being a mother is falling in love over and over again for the very first time. That’s what I am feeling each day I wake up and seeing this little one beside me. Giving birth is a beautiful thing, now I can finally say it. I never expected it to be this easy.

I’ve always thought that giving birth is like going through fire because of pain, but my experience was totally beautiful and amazing. God is just so good to us. We waited, and it’s all worth it.

Also, August and I had the best experience because of you Morgan. You were there capturing every moment nobody could ever do for us. And because of that, we have a lifetime of memories of Baby Zach’s birth that we can look at and go back to starting today till we grow old. This will be our gift to Baby Zach. That’s why we call you our angel. God sent you to us.”

~Zach’s Mom

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