What to Pack for a Hospital Birth

What to Pack in Your Hospital Birth BagGetting ready to have a baby?  
Here are some ideas on what to pack for a hospital birth! 

Helpful Items for Labor

  • Birth Plan
  • Ponytail Holders/Hair Clips (especially nice for during labor)
  • Lip Balm
  • Mints or Mouthwash   Labor can bring on nausea and vomiting.  Having a mint to pop in your mouth can quickly take the acidy taste away.
  • Socks and/or Slippers   Dr. Scholl’s makes super soft spa socks- they not only keep your feet warm and cozy, but they have a non-slip bottom that helps you keep from slipping on the hospital floor.
  • Black Nursing or Sports Bra   A sports bra is great for while you’re in labor as it keeps you a little covered even in the tub and black keeps will prevent things from being see through.  Keep in mind that a regular sports bra will be more difficult to remove after birth than a nursing bra if you have an epidural (with the cords).  
  • Cell Phone & Charger
  • Your Birth Photographer’s Phone Number!  Make sure you call your birth photographer BEFORE you go to the hospital and then keep her updated as labor progresses.  

Packing for the Hospital Stay 

  • Call List   Names and phone numbers of family & friends you want to call or text to let know after birth.  
  • Camera
  • Hygiene Products   Shampoo & Conditioner, Razor, Deodorant, Contact Solution/Case/Glasses (if needed), Make-Up (if desired), Brush, Face Cleansing Wipes, Toothbrush & Toothpaste and whatever else helps you to feel clean and refreshed during your hospital stay.
    1-2 Nursing Bras
  • 3-4 Sets of Tops & Bottoms   Maternity sizes are likely still a must.  If you’re having a c-section, consider drawstring or fold over PJs and yoga pants as they will be more comfortable with your incision.
  • 1-2 Nursing Nightgowns or Pajamas  Something comfortable yet modest enough for pictures when friends & family come to visit
  • 2-3 Pairs of underwear   Many hospitals provide a mesh underwear for you to wear after birth, but you may want to bring your own along too.  If you’re having a c-section, undies that have waistbands that come up as high as the hip may create less pressure on your incision than bikini style.  
  • Journal & Pen
  • Snacks


Dad’s Hospital Bag

  • Hygiene Items: Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Razor, Deodorant
  • 3-5 Sets of Comfortable Clothes   It’s good to pack an extra t-shirt or two, especially if you’re having a boy!  
  • Socks and/or Slippers  For walking around in the hospital
  • Hoodie or Jacket
  • Pajama Bottoms
  • Pillow   Many hospitals have a sofa or chair that turns into a bed for Dad to sleep on.  These are often really uncomfortable (according to my husband at least), so bringing his pillow might help make for a little better sleep.
  • Phone & Charger
  • A Couple DVDs or Books   There is a lot of down time in the hospital, especially after a c-section where you’ll likely stay for 3 nights.  Bringing a couple movies along to watch while snuggling with Baby can help to pass the time.   

Packing for Baby

  • Car Seat  
  • 2-3 Sleepers
  • Nail File   Some babies have long nails and scratch up their faces- brining a nail file is an easy fix for those sharp baby nails
  • Swaddling Blanket   Doubles a little extra coverage while nursing with visitors if  needed
  • Baby Book   Your nurse can help add your baby’s footprints


If you’ve had a baby before, what were YOUR favorite things you took to the hospital?
Were there any items you didn’t pack with your first baby but will take next time?  

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