Leyton’s Birth – Shawnee Mission Medical Center Birth Photographer

Shawnee Mission Medical Center Birth Photographer

I had just sat down at the kitchen table when my phone went off- Mom had been having contractions 2 minutes apart and was on her way to the Birth Center at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  With a feeling that things were going to move quickly, I changed my clothes, grabbed my bag, gave goodbye kisses to my family, and was on my way to the hospital!

Birth at Shawnee Mission Medical Center

I met Mom and Dad in triage where she was monitored for a while and then transferred to a regular room.  Once in her birthing suite, the nurse checked and Mom was only dilated to 4, however I had the feeling it was transition with the signs she had.

The nurse had Dad and I step out while the anesthesiologist came in for an epidural.  Never missing a chance to grab a cup of hot chocolate, I sat down in the waiting room and chatted with the family figuring we would be there for a bit.

Before long Dad’s phone rang- Mom was ready for us to come back in.  Ready as in dilated to 10 and ready to have the baby!  Sure enough, it had been transition while we were in there and things went fast!

Birth at Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Within a very short amount of time, Baby Leyton was born!  I love the joy in the image above- it really captures the happiness and love as the family greeted their new baby boy.

Birth at Shawnee Mission Medical Center While having his birth bath from Dad, Baby Leyton turned a little and looked right at me for his picture before closing his eyes again and enjoying his hair wash.  

Birth at Shawnee Mission Medical CenterShortly after bath, Big Sister excitedly came to meet her new baby brother.  Much love and joy in the room, and all of those precious moments were captured as part of Leyton’s birth story video!  

Birth at Shawnee Mission Medical CenterIf you are expecting a baby at Shawnee Mission Medical Center or one of the other local birthing centers in the Kansas City Area, contact me through the “Contact” link above to learn more about having your baby’s birth story captured!  

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