A Look Inside: Shawnee Mission Birth Center

Shawnee Mission Birth Center

One of my favorite birthing locations in Kansas City is Shawnee Mission Birth Center, located at I-35 and 75th. Str in Shawnee.

I delivered my first 5 children at St. Luke’s South Hospital in Overland Park, but with my 6th. I chose to give birth at Shawnee Mission Birth Center.

Keep reading to learn more about the birth center, and then scroll down to find out what I loved most about delivering my baby at SMMC!


Shawnee Mission Birth Center Features:

*6 rooms have pipeless Sanijet tubs for hydrotherapy during labor

*20 rooms with large, roomy showers

*Birth balls and birthing peanuts available for use (helps bring baby into position during labor)

*Dim lighting

*Clear liquids allowed during labor

*Wireless monitors for use in the tub or while walking, depending on the ability to adequately monitor baby’s heartbeat.

*Large beautiful waiting rooms with window light, TV, coffee, and fireplace

Squatting bars for delivery

*In-house OB/GYNs to assist in emergent situations and to provide monitoring for VBAC moms

*Clear drapes for C-section births- moms are encouraged to first talk to their doctor about the option and then discuss it at their Maternity Navigator visit at the Birth Center.

*Optimal cord clamping

*Provide skin to skin with your baby for the first hour of life, delaying medications and routine treatments until after the first hour-

“Immediately following birth, babies are placed directly on the mother’s chest or abdomen, dried and covered with blankets. This is important time is called skin-to-skin holding.

Many studies now show us that when newborn babies are placed naked on their mom’s chest (baby can wear a diaper) after delivery, both mom and baby receive many benefits.

Baby is much more likely to latch on to the breast easily; her temperature stabilizes more rapidly outside the warm uterus; her heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugars stabilize more quickly; and she is less likely to cry when kept skin to skin.”  ~Mallory at Shawnee Mission Birth Center

*Support and encourage exclusive breastfeeding as the optimal way to nourish your baby

*Level III NICU with private rooms each with a sleep area for a parent

*Support for 24-hour rooming in after your baby is born


Some of the things I loved most about delivering at SMMC:

*The clear drapes for c-section births  Having a clear drape made it possible for me to watch my baby be born and is something I highly recommend for c-section moms who want to see their baby’s first breaths.

*Skin-to-skin in the O.R.  After briefly taking my baby to the warmer to check over, weigh and measure, he was brought to me in just his diaper to hold him against my chest while my doctor finished the surgery.

It was the most amazing experience and something I had never had the opportunity for with my other 5 babies.   I found that it took my mind off of the operation by snuggling with my little baby.

Skin-to-skin was encouraged the rest of my hospital stay and I really appreciated how my nurses wanted to help us bond and get off to a great start with nursing.

*Delayed bathing option– I asked to wait on his first bath until the next day after I was up and moving so I could be more involved for it.  This is something I’ve seen as an option for vaginal birth moms too and is nice for parents who want to have extra time to just hold their babies during those first precious hours together.

*Hospital chaplain– a chaplain came by our room during our stay and asked if we needed any help and offered a little card with verses on it.  I really appreciated it as I was feeling a bit down after my baby was born (he lost a lot of weight and was struggling to gain).

*Baby in-room– our baby never left our sight the entire hospital stay (which was 6 days in our case due to medical reasons).  My husband and I were allowed to go with our baby if he needed to leave the room.

*Family welcome– my kids were welcome to visit and we enjoyed having them stop by a couple times and visit their new baby brother.  Our nurse even gave them their own ID bands that looked similar to ours but said, “Big Brother” and “big Sister”.

*Great nurses– everyone was so kind and helpful.  They did a great job caring for my baby and I.

*Large windows– I loved the natural light coming into my room.  Made everything feel cheerier.

*Refrigerator in the room– we used ours to save snacks or meals for my hubby along with extra juices so we didn’t have to keep leaving the room or asking for more.

*Room Service– it was nice using the room service feature through the TV to order my meals.  I could choose whatever I wanted to eat from the options available and they’d deliver it to our room.  TIP– order all your breakfast, lunch & dinner the day before so you don’t forget the day of.
A big thank you to Mallory from SMMC who answered my questions and provided these beautiful images of the birth center!

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