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Early one morning in June I received a call from one of my birth moms that she was in labor on the way to Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

Remembering that she had a quick labor and delivery with her first baby, Gio, that I photographed in 2013, I had a feeling that her delivery with Charlie was going to go very quickly too.

As fast as I could, I was up and ready to get out the door.  I made it to SMMC a little before Mom and Dad did, and started photographing them right away- capturing the moments from arriving at the hospital on through after delivery.

Charlie’s birth did turn out to be a fast one- so fast Mom was not able to have an epidural and so fast that the doctor on-call just barely made it through the door and gloved up to catch Charlie!

I stayed with the family about 2 hours after the birth as the sun came up and Charlie had his first bath and snuggles with his parents.

After going home for breakfast and then back to the hospital to visit twins Oliver and Max, I stopped by for more pictures with Charlie’s family as his grandparents and siblings came to visit him for the first time.  You can find video from his birth story and meeting his big brother Gio for the first time here.

There is a wonderful feeling that comes from watching a family grow- and to be there for those moments multiple times for this family is pretty sweet.

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