Dominic | Olathe KS Hospital Newborn Photography

olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0001At the beginning of January this year, I photographed a birth story in Olathe, KS at Olathe Medical Center.  Baby was born by emergency c-section before I was at the hospital.  I joined the parents as they entered the room to recover and waited for their new baby boy who was in the NICU.

The pictures below document the story of Dominic’s birth day, both the happy and joyful moments as Mom and Dad waited to have their baby with them, and then later as I photographed them the next day (with Baby) and later at their home (lifestyle newborn session).  Not every moment during a birth is happy, sometimes they’re difficult and painful, but every birth is precious regardless of how they entered the world.

olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0002olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0003olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0004olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0005olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0006olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0007olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0008olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0009olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0010olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0011Olathe Medical Center Birth Photographerolathe-ks-birth-photographer_0013olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0014olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0015olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0016olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0017olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0018olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0019olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0020olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0021olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0022olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0023olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0024olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0025

olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0028olathe-ks-birth-photographer_0029To see Dominc’s full birth story video (and letter reading from his parents), visit here or contact me for more information on birth photography in Olathe and the surrounding Kansas City Area!

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