New Birth Company Overland Park

Overland Park Birth Center

To kick off a new series about the different birthing locations in the Kansas City Area, we’re starting with the New Birth Company in Overland Park.  New Birth Company is a free-standing birth center located within Corporate Woods at 9209 W 110th St in Overland Park, Kansas.  The location is close to both I-435 and 69 highway.

Services offered:
Childbirth Classes
Prenatal Appointments
Labor and Birth Care
Postpartum Care
Newborn Care

 New Birth Company is great for moms who:

*Would like a natural birth
*Want some of the comforts of birthing at home along with some of the conveniences of delivering outside of home
*Have a low-risk pregnancy
*Would like a family-friendly birth

When asking moms who chose to deliver at New Birth Company what they liked best about the experience, here’s what they had to say:

“The birth rooms are nice and I appreciated the atmosphere after having my other babies in the hospital. My favorite part was the peaceful time after he was born. I loved snuggling my new baby in a cozy bed and having a relaxing herbal bath with him.”

“The aesthetics were my favorite aspect of care (which I know sounds fluffy, but a girl likes to feel pampered when she’s enduring some of the hardest physical work of her life!). The water wall, music therapy, aromatherapy, infused water, and personal touches- like how the staff all gathered around and sang Happy Birthday while presenting a birthday cake afterward- made it seem very non-clinical… almost like giving birth in a spa!”

For more information on having a natural birth at New Birth Company in Overland Park, visit their website or call them at: (913) 735-4888

Scroll down to see pictures of the inside of Overland Park’s NBC 

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