Nathanael’s Birth | My 6th. C-Section Birth Story

Last month we welcomed our new baby boy, Nathanael.  He’s our 6th. child and our reversal baby– a gift from God as we are now parents of a newborn again.  That was one of the reasons we named him Nathanael, which means, “God has given”.

On the day of Nathanael’s birth, I was nervous because it was my 6th. c-section and worried about the risks that could go with having that many cesareans.  I shouldn’t have worried though because the surgery went really well.

My doctor had arranged to have a clear drape for the surgery and it was AWESOME!!!  If you’re having a scheduled c-section, I highly recommend having the full clear drape.  I watched my baby take his first breaths.  So incredible!  I even videotaped his birth through the clear drape using my cell phone while on the operating table!

For the first time out of any of the 6 c-sections, I was able to hold my baby skin-to-skin in the O.R.  I had wanted to have skin-to-skin in the O.R. with my 5th. and back then (5 1/2 years ago), it wasn’t something that was being offered.  To have that chance this time was wonderful.  My baby was happy on my chest and I was distracted from being stitched up by snuggling with my baby boy.


My 6th. C-Section Birth Story

The c-section surgery itself was very fast (2 minutes from first cut to birth) and before long I was out in recovery with my husband and baby.  Other than a rough time with getting the epidural going, it was a great birth experience.

Abby from Grassroots Photography created a beautiful birth video for us.  She was with us at the hospital as our birth photographer- photographing before the c-section, during the operation (filming through the window outside the O.R.) and later in the afternoon when our older children came to meet their baby brother for the first time.  Abby even used some of the video I captured while on the operating table (when Nathanael was born) in the birth story.  More pictures to come later!

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