Kansas City Birth Photographer FAQs with Morgan Lang

Looking for a birth photographer in the Kansas City Area?  Read on to find answers to Kansas City Birth Photographer FAQs!




What makes you different from other KC photographers offering birth pictures?

As one of Kansas City’s most experienced birth photographers, I continuously provide exceptional customer service.  My style is clean, fresh, and timeless.  I consistently refine and develop my video and photography through storytelling images.  I bring a calm and relaxed presence to the delivery room and am well experienced in photographing in a variety of different birthing situations.

Your privacy and comfort are a priority for me.  I will only share images online if you are comfortable with it.  It’s your choice!  There is no extra charge for choosing to have your birth story kept offline.


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My husband (or friend/doula/mom/sister/ect.)  has a camera and said they could take pictures for me, why should I hire a birth photographer?  

During your labor and birth I’m concentrating on how I can serve you best through photographing your baby’s birth story.

This means that everyone else in your room is free to focus on you and your baby’s needs and to experience the joy of your baby’s birth rather than watching the birth through the viewfinder (or LCD screen) of a camera.

Those support people are also able to be in the pictures as well; after all, they are part of the birth story too!


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Will you share my pictures online?   

Your comfort and privacy for your birth images are a priority for me.   It is your choice whether you would like images shared online.  Know that I will treat your images carefully and will respect your wishes.


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How modest will my pictures be?  

Some moms would like to have very graphic images taken and others would like to have extremely modest images.  During your consultation we will discuss your preferences and any concerns you may have.


Will the pictures look bloody or graphic?

Birth is naturally revealing and messy.  As a mother myself, my goal is to focus on the story, not the mess.  We all know what goes on during birth, but I look for the details to modestly tell your baby’s birth story through images and video that you will be proud to share with family and friends.




 Will we meet before I go into labor?

All clients are offered a complimentary in-person consultation during their 2nd. or 3rd. trimester.  This gives us a chance to discuss your birth plan and get to know each other a little better.  Your husband and/or support person is encouraged to come to the consultation as well!  

When we meet, we’ll go over any questions you might have, information on what to expect for your birth photography and images, and discuss any preferences or special circumstances you might have. 


What does being “on-call” involve?  

By being on-call from your 37th. week until birth, I’m available for you to call anytime day or night to attend your birth and am fully committed to being there for you! 


How do I let you know I’m in labor?  

When you think you’re in the beginning stages of labor (having consistent contractions) it’s important to call me, before you even leave for the hospital.  After that, we’ll touch base through text or phone call about once an hour or as things change allowing me to stay up-to-date on how your labor is progressing.  Notifying me during early labor helps me to have time to arrange childcare for my 6 children and to reschedule appointments that I may have for the day.

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When will you arrive at the hospital?

I generally head to the hospital when mom-to-be is in progressing active labor (approx. 6-7 cm. dilated for first time moms; approx. 5-6 cm. for moms with previous deliveries) and has let me know that she’s ready for me to be there.


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Have you ever missed a birth?  

Twice but only due to emergency c-sections where I was either not notified of the birth until after delivery or mom was taken back for an immediate c-section.

Birth is unpredictable by nature.  I always do my best to arrive before delivery, but should something prevent that from happening I will arrive as soon as I can.  To help with this, it’s important that you call when you’re in early labor and that you keep me updated with how things are going.  Knowing how things are going will help me gauge in when to arrive at the birth place in time to photograph your baby’s arrival.  If an emergency or a very quick labor happen, I’ll come to the hospital as soon as I can and begin photographing when I arrive.


What if I go into labor before or after the weeks you’re on-call?

For births outside of my time on-call, I will do my best to still make it.  The earliest I’ve had a mom deliver was just under 29 weeks and I was with her for her birth.   If you go into labor before I’m in-call and I can not attend you birth, you will have the option of allowing me to see if another birth photographer is available to stand in for me, or whether you’d like to transfer your birth package fee towards a Baby’s First Days session at the hospital after birth or in the comfort of your home.

When we meet for a consultation during your pregnancy, we can discuss your previous deliveries or situations that may indicate whether your baby may be more likely to come outside of the normal on-call time-frame.  At that time we can adapt the on-call weeks to fit to your circumstances and comfort.


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What hospitals do you photograph at?

With 6 children, (including a nursing baby), I want to maximize the time I have with my family.  Starting in November 2016, I will be focusing birth photography & videography services in Johnson County, Kansas, concentrating on Shawnee Mission Medical Center and Overland Park Regional Medical Center.  Both SMMC and OPRMC are wonderful hospitals. Overland Park my favorite for c-section and high risk births (they are more likely to allow a photographer in the O.R. than SMMC).  Both locations treat birth photographers very well, and more importantly they provide a high level of care for moms and babies!  New Birth Company is also a location I will photograph at as they provide a more home-like experience for moms with low-risk births.  Please inquire if you are delivering at a hospital outside of Johnson County.




Do you offer video?  

In addition to photography, I offer both fusion slideshows and videography services.  Video package information can be found on the pricing page (link is in the menu at the top of the page).


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What if I need a c-section?

All six of my children were born by c-section which has allowed me to have a heart for moms facing a c-section too.  As one of Kansas City’s most experienced c-section photographers I am respectful and careful in the operating room, capturing images of your baby’s birth day that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  Since 2013, I’ve photographed 11 c-section births inside the O.R at hospitals such as: Overland Park Medical Center, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, KU Med., Saint Luke’s East, and Centerpoint.  

If your doctor and hospital will allow me to photograph in the O.R., I’m happy to do so.  

If the hospital will not allow it, there are still many moments I can capture for you before and after birth as you bond with Baby and welcome visitors.

First time having a scheduled c-section?  I’ve had 6 c-sections of my own and written articles to help moms having a cesarean delivery.  Visit HERE for information on what happens during the 2 hours before a c-section.  

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Do you offer maternity or newborn pictures?

Yes!  I offer maternity, family, and in-home (lifestyle) newborn sessions.  Visit the blog to see examples of full sessions!


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Why are you priced higher than most of the other birth photographers in Kansas City?

When I’m on-call for a birth, I’m extremely dedicated.  I’m thinking about the family all the time, sleeping lightly at night constantly looking at my phone to make sure I don’t miss a call, staying close to home, and putting many aspects of life on-hold until Baby has arrived.  I have experience of 40+ different births with a wide variety of birth experiences and providing images in both black & white AND color.  My pricing may be higher than others but is consistent with my experience as a birth photographer, the high level of commitment I provide, 100’s+ continuous hours on-call, dedicated time on your baby’s birth day, and editing & delivering a beautiful finished product.  You can find more information about pricing and packages here.


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I’d love to have you photograph my baby’s birth!  What do I need to do now?

Great!  You can find information about birth photography pricing here, then contact me at morganlangphotography@gmail.com to check availability for your baby’s due date!






My baby is due in a few weeks.  Is it too late to book with you?

I would be happy to take your birth on-call if I have availability.  Contact me through the “contact” form in the menu above or at morganlangphotography@gmail.com and I can let you know whether I’m available.  I’ve had a mom book while in the hospital during her induction, so it’s never too late to ask!  Birth collections are due in full by 36 weeks, (or at booking if you are past 36 weeks).  It’s important that we meet up ASAP and sign a contract so that I can be ready for your big day.


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*I really want you to photograph my baby while in the hospital, but not for the actual birth.  Are there any other options you offer?

Yes!  A Fresh Baby session might be something you want to consider.  This is a relaxed lifestyle session that takes place at your baby’s birth place 24-48 hours after birth and during lovely daylight hours.

The joy of holding your new baby for the first time will still be new and is a great time to have lifestyle (non-posed) pictures of your family interacting with Baby.  This is also a great time to have family come and visit Baby as I capture grandparents’ and siblings’ reactions as they meet Baby for the first time!  Want to see an example of a Fresh Baby session?  Visit here to see an example!



What Families are Saying:

I hired Morgan as my birth photographer this past week. From the first time we met she has done nothing but impress my husband and I. She’s very personable, friendly, sweet and having 5 kids herself she understands maternity and the birth experiencevery well. The day of my delivery, she came as soon as I notified her, (actually I told her to come at 4 am but she showed up at 2.30 which worked great since I went into full labor at 3). What I love most about Morgan is her caring personality which shows through her work. She’s very dedicated to it, and made sure to consult me every step of the way to ensure I got exactly what I wanted. On top of it all, she works fast. It has only been a few days since I gave birth, and Morgan is already almost done with the final product. Perfect for an impatient new mom like me 🙂

I highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in capturing those precious moments of their child being born. I will most definitely hire her again should I be blessed with another child.

Thank you Morgan!

Ps. She was kind enough to email me a few shots right after the birth of my son so I could use them for his birth announcement. I thought that was so sweet!! ~Gio’s Mom



Morgan- I can not express to you how pleased I am with your professionalism    and quality of work. I appreciated your presence in the hospital, the time you took for my family, the diligence of getting us a product that I will respect and cherish for many years to come.   I’m much obliged of your work, and grateful of who you are as a person. ~Jason, Luca’s Dad

I would recommend Morgan’s birth photography to anyone! The memories we have are priceless. The emotions and intimacy captured moves each person who has viewed our slideshow… Thank you Morgan for this very special treasure…. it is priceless!  ~Andrea, Ezra’s Mom



My husband questioned the investment and thought it would be a waste of money. Now that we have our photos he said it was the best money he’s ever spent and was so glad we had decided to do them. He was initially concerned about cost and thought it would be awkward having a stranger take pictures. He said that he noticed her for about 2 minutes and then forgot she was there most of the time.  There are so many people anyway, and Morgan blended seamlessly and quietly into the background.

Thank you so much for coming to our birth even though we were over 11 weeks before our due date. We are incredibly happy with your work! We now have so many memories from a scary and hectic morning that we can reflect upon and help us piece together our birth story. These photos are truly priceless. I can’t say thank you enough!







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