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Shawnee Mission Maternity Photography by Morgan LangIt was the night before one of my birth client’s induction and although I should have been sleeping, I was wide awake in bed.  I was considering playing a game on my phone when the alarm ringtone started to sound; it was Mom (who was scheduled to be induced in less than 7 hours) letting me know she was in labor.  A middle of the night call isn’t unusual, but what made this one so surprising was not only was she at the hospital, but she was already dilated to an 8!  This was at 1:07 AM.

I knew that I needed to move quickly, so within 5 minutes I was out of bed and in my car driving towards Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

When I was getting close to SMMC, Dad called to say that Mom was now dilated to 9!  I had already been praying during my drive, but this news definitely increased the intensity of my prayers.

I arrived at the hospital, made it up to the birthing floor, to Mom’s room, dropped my bag and started to shoot.  Baby was born in less than 10 minutes after I arrived!

Kansas City Birth Photographer Morgan Lang

After Luca was born, I continued to capture his first moments with Mom, Dad, first feeding, bath, and even meeting Grandma.  

Shawnee Mission Medical Center Birth Photography by Morgan LangShawnee Mission Medical Center Birth Story Photographer

I stayed with Luca’s family for 2 hours after birth and then headed home for some much needed sleep, and then came back to the hospital later that afternoon for Luca’s Fresh Baby newborn hospital session. Shawnee Mission Medical Center Birth Photography by Morgan LangIf you’re expecting a baby and live in the Kansas City Area and wondering whether hiring a birth photographer would be right for your baby’s birth, take a moment and visit the Birth FAQ page.   You can also contact me through the “Contact” tab at the top of the page.

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