Gio’s Birth Story | Kansas City Birth Photography

Watch Gio's birth and see as Mom and Dad welcome their baby boy into the world!

As I put together Gio’s video, I could feel the love that his mom had for him and the love he has for her.  They locked eyes almost immediately after birth and the bond that’s there from the start is so incredibly beautiful.

Grab a tissue, turn up the volume on your computer and watch Gio’s birth day story!

If you’d like to read more about the story behind the pictures, visit Gio’s birth on my blog.

You can also visit the birth stories page after the video to view more birth videos or contact me at to find out how I can beautifully capture your baby’s birth day!

UPDATE: Gio’s 1st. Birthday Party {Video}


*Baby Gio’s birth story is shared with the family’s permission and features Holly Maher’s Perfect Day, licensed through The Music Bed.


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