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Scroll down to learn answers to frequently asked questions about portrait sessions with Morgan Lang Photography!


What type of pictures do you offer?

I currently offer family, maternity, Fresh 48, newborn, and baby milestone portrait sessions.

Birth photography is also available on a limited basis.  Learn more here.


Do you have a studio or shoot on-location only?

All sessions are on-location- in homes, hospitals, or outdoors.


Do you travel outside of Johnson County?

Usually, no but occasionally I make an exception.  Outdoor portrait sessions are in Lenexa or within the Johnson County, KS area at locations such as Shawnee Mission Park, Antioch Park, Blackhoof Park, and Ironwoods.  Please message me to check availability if you’re needing an in-home session outside of Johnson County.


What does my session fee include?  Do digital images come with it?

Your session fee includes the scheduled time of your shooting along with full-resolution digital images for printing and sharing.  You’re welcome to print your images anywhere you would like!


Can we do more than one location during my session? 

Your session includes one location but you have the option for different areas within that one location.  Depending on the background you’d like for your pictures, we may start at one area and then walk or drive to another close to where we started.  This is one of the things we’ll discuss when you book.


How do I book a session?
1) Send me an e-mail that you’re interested in pictures and I’ll let you know if I have availability.  My schedule fills up, especially in the fall and for the weekends all year round, so contact me early if there’s a specific day/month you need!

2) Next, if I have availability I’ll e-mail you a link to a contract that you’ll need to fill out.  You’ll find a questionnaire within the contract as well that will help me personalize your portrait session to your family.

3) Complete the payment at the end of the contract.  That’s it! If waiting more than 72 hours after receiving the link to the contract in your e-mail, please contact me again to ensure I still have the date and time open.

A completed contract and payment are required to reserve your day & time.


I’m a private person, can you keep the images from my session offline?

Absolutely.  It’s your choice whether you would like images shared in my online portfolio or not.


What should I wear?

When planning for my own family, this is the topic I find most stressful.  We have a family of 8, 6 of which are children, so I can relate to trying to find the perfect outfit for each family member!  Here are the tips I use when styling my own family:

  1. Go for outfits that have colors & textures that compliment each other without being too matchy.
  2. Visit my pinterest board here for ideas on colors and styles that coordinate great together : https://www.pinterest.com/morgansperfectpins/what-to-wear-for-portraits/
  3. Flowy and feminine look great on the ladies and little girls.  Suspenders can be a lot of fun with little boys.  It’s all about YOUR style though and what YOUR family feels comfortable in.
  4. Keep in mind the location we’re visiting and what the colors of the background might be.  Bright green grass?  Autumn leaves?  Golden field?  Colorful flowers?  Pinterest can help you with ideas on what goes well with these locations.
  5. Avoid clothing with stripes, logos, words, and ball caps.  The exceptions to this would be if you’re going for a sporty look or want to show your love for KC or a favorite movie or team.


Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you look your best: 

Keep your makeup similar to what you wear on a regular basis or when going out so you know the shades you’ll be wearing are ones that look naturally good on you.

Wear outfits that are comfortable.  Form fitting is good for maternity as it shows off the belly.

If your hair tends to stick up, use hair spray at home and try bringing along a little spray bottle of water to help keep flyaways down.

If you have animals that shed, bring a rolling tape to help remove animal hair from your clothing when you arrive.

Avoid: clothes that have a tag that shows through the outfit, anything where your bra or underwear shows underneath, clothing that is too tight and makes your skin roll in the back or shows a lot of cleavage if that’s something that you’d be concerned with.

Try: twisting, bending, and reaching in the outfit of your choice and see how the material is- does it bunch up?  Show too much skin?  These are some things to check when choosing an outfit for your portrait session.


What should I bring to the session?

Your family

Full tummies -PLEASE eat something before coming, do not wait until after your session to eat a meal!  Hungry children are not happy children!  Same goes for dads and moms too!

Any outfit changes we’ve discussed

Optional: A blanket that looks nice with your outfits and is okay to get dirty (if you’d like pictures sitting on the ground)


Can we bring more than 1 outfit?

Sure!  Please keep in mind two things- 1) There may not be a restroom open (or nearby) for changing, so you may need to change in your vehicle or have a family member hold a blanket up.  I recommend wearing a cami tank under dresses for ladies that may be concerned with modesty for changing in their vehicle as it will keep you covered while changing.  2) Secondly, outfit changes take extra time.  We’ll have less time for pictures if your family changes, especially if changing children and parents alike.  It can take time.  Please take this into consideration.
Let me know ahead of time that you plan to bring an outfit change.  We can discuss where we’ll be starting pictures so you can decide which outfit you’d like to start in and help us to prioritize where we shoot first.


Do you use any props?

I do not bring props as I prefer a more natural look that is unique to the families I’m photographing.  However, if you have items that are special to you that you’d like in your pictures, let me know before we meet and I’d be happy to incorporate it in!
Can you do specific poses if I send you links to my Pinterest board?  

You’re welcome to send me a link but I can’t promise to duplicate poses.  Instead, please come with an open mind as I will customize your session to your family with a mix of lightly posed shots and lifestyle.  The images you see on my website and blog are ones I’ve created and are true to my style.  I’d be happy to visit locations you see in the pictures on my site or capture similar ones (if possible) as they’re ones I’ve created before and am more likely to be able to create again, but please come flexible to the ideas I have for your specific family.


What time of day will our session be?

Outdoors:  Somewhere between 1 – 2 hours before sunset depending on your family’s needs, the weather, and the time of year.

In-Home: Depending on when the lighting is best in your home, it may be morning around 9 or 10 AM, or afternoon around 2 or 3pm.

Hospital: Your session will be scheduled at a time between 9 AM – 4pm.


What if the weather is cold/raining or my child is sick, can we reschedule?  

When we schedule your session, we’ll set up a rain date just in case it’s needed.  If the weather is looking unfavorable for the time of your session within 3 hours of when it’s scheduled, I will contact you and we’ll reschedule for the back-up date.  If you’re concerned ahead of time that the weather will be an issue, please contact me and we can talk about it.  Very occasionally I’ll reschedule 24 hours ahead of time if the conditions for your date, but it’s more likely to be a few hours before on the day of.

Because I schedule only a limited number of sessions and dates fill up quickly, especially weekends and Autumn, do not contact me about rescheduling for a different date unless either the weather is looking to be raining or unless one of the members of your family (that will be in pictures) has an illness.  If you’re needing to reschedule because of personal reasons, please contact me ASAP and be flexible with finding a new date as I can only guarantee the rain dates for when I’ve called the reschedule.


What happens if I’m running late when we’re supposed to start?

Your session time starts at the scheduled time.  For example, if your session is at 7pm and it’s scheduled for an hour long, it still ends at 8pm regardless even if you arrive at 7:15pm.  I can guarantee the number of images for your session only if you arrive on time. This has never been an issue because families value their time and mine too.  So please continue to the trend and arrive on time so I can capture beautiful images for your family!


How do I receive the images after my session?  

Within 3 weeks of your session I will e-mail a link to an online gallery where you will download the files onto a desktop or laptop computer (not phone or iPad only as the files may not be as large on there).  I recommend making a back-up copy onto an external hard drive, online back-up and/or USB to make sure you have another copy of your pictures in case anything happens to the ones on your computer.  Make sure you download the files within the allotted time (as noted in the e-mail you receive) as there is an archival fee for re-uploading to a gallery after the date and there is no guarantee that I’ll still have a copy of the images over time.


When will the pictures be ready?

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your gallery although it may be ready much sooner!  Each color image is hand edited and I spend many hours working on them, so know that I will be working hard to provide you with great pictures!


Will you edit out a XYZ in the background/make me skinnier/remove this or that?  

When editing, I try to remove noticeable things that are temporary and not permanent such as lightly editing out some blemishes or stray hairs that are floating.  Sometimes I’m able to remove minor distractions in the background if needed.  However, once you’ve received a link to the images in your gallery, I’ve done all the editing I feel comfortable doing.  If you need further editing, you’re welcome to ask but I’ll likely suggest finding someone that specializes in removing/changing things in Photoshop.  *Please see the question, “What should I wear?” for tips to help you look your best.







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