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Family Portraits at Baker University in Baldwin, KS

This summer was busy with births- 5 within 8 weeks!  Now it’s time for portraits and an outdoor wedding before being back on call in November.  I’m enjoying the chance to photograph in beautiful natural light again.  : )

Children's Portraits at Baker University in Baldwin, KS

The pictures below are from a recent family portrait session in Baldwin, KS.  Baker University to be exact.  
Children Portraits Baldwin KSWe had a good time with portraits on the campus and then headed back to our cars to drive until we could find a field for a couple more portraits.  

Large Family Portraits Gardner KS PhotographerAt this point it was getting pretty dark as there were storm clouds (and lightning) off to the west.  We found a field that would work close to Gardner and captured a few sunset silhouettes before ending our session.  

The kids loved getting to jump for the silhouettes!
Gardner, KS Portrait Silhouette PhotographerContact me about a relaxed and stress-free family portrait session in the Kansas City Metro area!


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