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As a birth photographer I love to do provide a complete story for families through birth story slideshows.  I use still images, video clips, and music, all pieced together that bring out the beauty of Baby’s birth day.  

Tender moments of Dad and Mom during labor- supporting each other as they prepare for their lives to be changed forever, Baby’s first cries only moments after birth as Dad cuts the cord, Dad rocking and soothing his new baby girl in his arms these are all moments captured through video.

Take a few minutes to watch this beautiful birth story.  

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Reese’s Birth Story | Shawnee Mission Medical Center from Morgan Lang Birth Photography on Vimeo.

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There is something magical about witnessing a couple become parents for the first time.  The excitement and anticipation as they know their lives are about to drastically change forever, and then the joy as they meet this little person that they already love so much- it always touches my heart.   [pullquote]After spending more than 26 hours with us during labor, I almost feel as is if my wife and I have known Morgan forever… even though we only met her a few months ago! She was so much more than a photographer. She helped comfort my wife and I, gave us helpful advice, and even stepped in to drive us to another hospital when things got bad during labor. All of this while taking AMAZING pictures. If you need a photographer, pick Morgan! ~Michael [/pullquote]

Mom labored at New Birth Company, a birth center in Overland Park, and had planned to deliver there, however it became necessary to transfer.  One of the midwives from New Birth Company came to SMMC to deliver Baby and helped Mom to have a wonderful and peaceful birth even in a hospital setting!  I have all great things to say about the midwives and care at New Birth Company- they take good care of their families!

There is more to a birth than the delivery itself, and those are the details I work hard to capture.  From still images of Dad finding a heart shaped leaf as he holds his wife during labor outside, Mom and Dad laughing during pushing, the transition from “I’m going to be a daddy” t-shirt to crossing it out to “I am a daddy”, first cries, and so much more… It’s all there, the precious moments that sometimes are unnoticed, but are in their pictures and video for the family to cherish forever.  

Take a few minutes to watch the video below and see what birth STORY photography is all about and contact me for more information on creating a keepsake video of YOUR baby’s birth day!

UPDATE- JUNE 2017:  Visit HERE to see birth photography as they welcomed their second baby girl!

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Last week I photographed Hayden’s birth in Overland Park.  Hayden entered the world by unplanned c-section and thankfully both Mom and Baby are healthy.  

The images from the operating room were taken by Dad and a very kind nurse (if you’re reading this- thank you!).  Although I was unable to go into the O.R. this time, the images I was captured from labor and after birth really help complete the story of Hayden’s big day.

As always, this video is modest and family (and work-place) friendly, so take a few minutes and watch the video below!



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Last week I had been looking forward to Ahava’s upcoming birth day.  Her mom was scheduled for a c-section in the Kansas City area for the beginning of April.    
[pullquote]I am so grateful that Morgan was able to capture so many beautiful pictures for us. We were able to send them out to family that could not travel, so it was almost as if they were there with us. She did a wonderful job, and helped keep me calm as I was getting ready for my c-section. So I would like to say Thank you again Morgan for the amazing pictures! ~Ahava’s Mom[/pullquote]

With all births, natural and c-sections alike, I’m on-call starting Mom’s 38th. week.  Although a scheduled c-section or induction birth is set on my calendar, I know that birth is almost ALWAYS unpredictable and plans often change quickly.  

On the morning of March 28th, Ahava’s mom let me know that her c-section would no longer be next week, but in only a few hours!

With my bag already packed and cameras ready, I was on my way to photograph this important event for their family. We had planned that I would photograph before the c-section and then after Mom was in recovery, and the hospital staff had told us that a second person would not be allowed in the O.R.  Mom was taken back and I waited alone with Dad, who I had given my second camera to borrow.

During this time I had been praying hard that the doctor would have a change of heart, (it’s happened before) although I’ll admit that I really felt it would take a miracle at that point for it to happen. To Dad and I’s surprise, the doctor changed her mind and allowed me to come in the O.R.!

 Whether c-section or natural, all baby’s birth days are special and it’s a privilege to capture those precious moments for families. Contact me today to learn more about birth photography for YOUR baby’s birth story!

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Last month I photographed a c-section birth at SMMC which was different from any birth I had photographed before, but one I could relate to so much as a c-section mom of 5.  

This video is as much about love between husband and wife as it is about the birth of their new baby.  
The images are not graphic at all- so grab a tissue, turn up the volume on your computer, and witness the the emotion of Noah’s birth day.


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As I put together Gio’s video, I could feel the love that his mom had for him and the love he has for her.  They locked eyes almost immediately after birth and the bond that’s there from the start is so incredibly beautiful.

Grab a tissue, turn up the volume on your computer and watch Gio’s birth day story!


2017 UPDATE:

Since Gio’s birth in 2013, I have captured the birth of his little brother and baby sister.  I’ve enjoyed documenting this beautiful family as they’ve grown from 2 to 5 over the past 4 years!

Want to see more?  View his little brother and sister’s birth stories here:

Charlie Birth Story
Ivy’s Birth Story

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